With every child, one new mom is born!

And from that moment on a beautiful journey of motherhood begins...

In the beginning, mom is very tender and scared. Every tear she wipes from her face, brings one more experience in her new life that makes her stronger or happier. With questions like " Am I doing this right?" and moments of pure joy watching her little baby's hands and feet, first months pass by.

One year experienced mom is already a hero.

She survived, breastfeeding, sleepless months, baby colics, teething, diaper changing...and she was rewarded for everything she went through with every baby's smile, first words, first steps...first hugs, first cuddles...

And although sometimes motherhood can be challenging,

at the same time it brings unconditional love and deepest sense of purpose.

Motherhood makes every mom stronger! Makes her smile more, love more, care more. Makes her enjoy life more!

White T-shirt as a MUST HAVE

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Black T-shirt as "little black dress"

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