Dear friends,

Welcome! We’re glad you’re here and interested in learning about LAT. We can call it philosophy, or way of living… But with new perspective.

People already search for and use many techniques to improve their everyday life. LAT is a kind of journey, that never ends, and you can choose your paths and discover new ones constantly. Improving your life, feeling good about yourself and being able to share that joy with your loved ones and all the people you meet in your life – that is our goal!


  • reminds you of many things we’re already familiar with but we sometimes forget about
  • INSPIRES you to feel (truly enjoy) in the moment
  • encourages you to discover new actions, new places and people that will lead you to your goal


All these things we talk about, from the moment we open our eyes until we fall asleep, can be very useful tools for handling everyday challenges, or just simply awakening the beautiful moments of enjoyment in your everyday life. It is human nature to seek for them when we’re already tired, in a trouble or feel hopeless. That is why it is very important to remember this word – prevention and try to find truly happiness and fulfillment in every day. It is not possible to feel happiness all the time, and that is absolutely alright. But also, we all want to avoid getting in some really heavy states of mind and soul. Extremes are not good and simply not sustainable in the real life. That’s why we mention balance and that is where LIKE A THERAPY does its work.



Let’s start a day! What is your morning routine? Do you live alone or with your family? If you have children who jump in your bed when they wake up, then you already have a LAT moment. That kind of joy is incomparable.

Only thing you can add here is to remind yourself how grateful you are and never take it for granted. Hug your children harder and kiss them more and feel the energy of love that will give you a strength to go through your day.

On the other hand, if you have time in the morning just for yourself, then… well, there are many options. But we bet there are lots of coffee lovers among you. Whether you have enough time or just 10 minutes to enjoy your favorite drink, be aware of every moment. And BE in that moment.

Make a cup of coffee with slow moves. It’s going to be ready quickly anyway. It just seems that we need less time when we rush ourselves. And when your coffee is ready, find your favorite spot to sit. Even better if it’s a terrace or by the window. Send your thoughts about upcoming day on a short vacation. Look around yourself. Send smile to a colorful woodpecker in the tree. Between the sips, you can close your eyes and give priority to your other senses. Take a deep breath and enjoy the air, enjoy the taste of your first coffee.

And if it is a rainy day, that can also be a special kind of pleasure. Feel the freshness that rain brings. Listen to raindrops falling down and think how they nourish the soil, the ground you will soon step on. Connect with nature, connect with yourself. And be rewarded with Like a Therapy moment.



What’s next on your list? Dropping kids to school, going to work… Yes, many obligations during the day. Taking responsibilities can seem frightening sometimes. Actually, that is a good thing, necessary to evolve as a person. It brings us self-confidence, we always feel good and fulfilled when we finish something. That scary part usually comes from lack of time or feeling that we won’t have enough time.

How can you help yourself when you feel under pressure? For example, you scheduled five things for the next five hours and calculated that it will be enough. But you still feel little anxious. What is the key? Again, being in the moment. While you’re doing your first duty, leave all thoughts about the second one. When you start the second one, concentrate on it and don’t thing about the third… You’ll see, you will be able to fill out everything you planed. But with much less or no tension and anxiety.



Now you have some free time. Depending on how you spent your day so far, you can choose what will be your LAT moment.

If you’re not tired and don’t want to be alone, call your friend, a friend who shares your sense of humor.

Exchanging positive energy with other people is very healing. You can have a drink and a light conversation, or, if you’re both sport types, take a walk or ride bicycles together. Enjoy together!

Of course, if your day was very busy and you had many contacts, you will probably feel the need to be just with yourself for some time. Afternoon nap? Why not. And if you don’t have that habit, there are many ways to restart your system in the middle of the day. Some people prefer meditation. But you can try with things that seem so simple, but they work. You can lie down on a comfortable couch, or maybe even on the floor, and stretch your body.

Just follow your feeling, and your body will tell you what it needs. To do it slowly or maybe it needs a stronger pressure. Connect with your body, bread slow or moderately, and LAT moment will overwhelm you.



Oh, is it evening already? Yes, there are probably some more things to do. Just not in the same rhythm as earlier in the day. Because we need to slowly prepare our organism for eventually going to sleep.

Find time for your LAT moment that will help you relax and wash away stressful moments. Wash, you said? Hmm, water! It literary and metaphorically washes away everything. So, a nice shower or a hot tub, whatever you prefer.

Just relax completely and feel good in your skin. Close your eyes and put a smile on your face, feel joy and gratitude for that moment of enjoyment.

Let’s see, we started a day with a drink, so we might just finish it with one. With one other, that is. Pour yourself a glass of wine, light a candle, put on some nice music and just enjoy and relax.

Use that fancy glass you keep for special occasions. Make this LAT moment a special occasion. You’ve deserved it. Enjoy every sip, recognize the moment when your mind starts to relax, when the tension starts to leave your muscles… A smile will probably spontaneously appear on your face. Isn’t that nice?


Now that we’ve spent some time together, we hope we made you think about your way of living and we have inspired you to be more present in your everyday life, enjoy all these moments fully, and smile more often form the heart. If you liked it, we’ll always be here for you. Openhearted, to support, offer new ideas…


Because Like a therapy can be just anything, and we will always be here to inspire and to encourage you to do more for yourself and enjoy in fullness.

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