There is a very interesting story about famous philosopher Immanuel Kant. We’re not completely sure if it is absolutely true or more like a legend. Anyways, it says that this man with magnificent mind had never left his birth town. Never travelled anywhere. And yet, he discovered, understood and explained many new phenomena about human nature.

Can you imagine something like that in the 21st century?

There has never been more travels and migrations in our history than these days. The world has become global village and people are always on the move. If we could take a look at those moves from the space, we would probably see ourselves as an ant colony. Incredible number of one species going non-stop in all directions. Perceived in this way, it can seem funny. Humans, are you sure you know what you’re doing? But, all joking aside, travels are inevitable part of our lives.

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Naturally, in our Like a Therapy story we are going to focus on travelling in sense of its benefits for our wellbeing.

The word vacation means freedom from obligations, leisure, released. Things we need so badly from time to time. So, as much as is in your power, justify the meaning of the above-mentioned.

Now, let’s plan a journey and check its important elements.

DESTINATION. Every place is worth seeing. Whatever you choose, you won’t miss.

If you don’t have the opportunity to travel far, take a map and look at places nearby. They have been there for your whole life but you just had no reason to go there, or even pass by. Maybe some small town, a village, not known for anything special. But that can be the reason more to explore it. Who are the people who live there? How do they live? We live close, but do we have the same mentality? There are things that can definitely surprise you. Maybe there are sunflower fields. A beautiful sight that can be truly healing if you just look at it and stay in that moment. Maybe you’ll run into an old, small, neglected church. Someone will tell you her story, or if that doesn’t happen, you will use your imagination and make your own. These things may seem little when we talk about them. But when we experience them, it is a whole other thing. It is like a therapy.

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Tired of today’s way of life, more and more people feel the need to do this. So we choose peaceful destinations. Mountains, rivers, lakes, uncrowded sea beaches… Everything will be different from your starting point – air, water, ground, smells… And that’s how your recovery begins. The only thing you have to do is to relax and soak up that incredible energy. Even if your mind is still restless because you’ve been under great stress, the process of mending will work. And when you finally become aware of it, express your gratitude to Mother Nature. Words thank you also have their power and help you feel calm.


When we visit famous metropolis, it is crowded, hectic, loudly. It can sound contradictory. I’m going on a holiday to take a rest, am I going to be more tired when I come back? Well, no! Because big cities and tourist places work in a different way. They fill us with great energy and give us an adrenaline-rush. Surely you had moments when it just came out of your mouth: ‘I feel so alive!’ There are so many things you get excited by. You’re getting to know a new culture that will open new perspectives. While you learn about other nations, you will also learn something new about yourself. This all leads to something very important, something we are born with – the will to live!

So, when you’re on this type of holiday, you probably plan to see many popular venues, museums, restaurants. That can put you in a rush. Just don’t let that detach you from your LAT moments. Stay in the moment. If you’re watching some monumental building, observe it slowly and completely. If you’re talking to local people and trying to overcome language barriers – enjoy it. Feel that energy exchange.

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Of course, taking photos is something we like to do, and it’s great to have memories. But it also steals our time, and while we‘re at, let’s say St Mark’s Square, are we really there? Choice is all yours, but it’s not a bad idea to take mental photos. You are there in that moment, unrepeatable moment, feel it all the way. It’s not just brain that remembers, our body, our cells remember. Our subconscious remember and storage ‘healthy supplies’ for later.


Means of transportation. It’s not irrelevant part of travelling. On contrary, it’s important to feel comfortable. Especially if we talk about long flights, or long drives. Some people don’t mind that so much, and some can become impatient. Maybe this is the right moment to use the famous quote: It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. But there are surely moments we can enjoy, seeing clouds through an airplane window, watching heavenly Provence landscapes while we travel through France by train, standing on the deck of a ship and getting lost in an open see.


Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it. And that’s why your company plays a big roll when you travel. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, whether it’s with your family, a lover, friends, the point stays the same – you’ll have someone to share your experience with, and later, to share memories. So many stories to tell when you meet. About all those wonderful places you have seen, local food you have tasted for the first time, small, side streets that you have explored imagining you’re Christopher Columbus.

Travel makes us richer in so many ways. It feeds our souls and all our senses. It can’t be replaced by any book, travelogue, a story told in a post… And that’s why we should relax and enjoy to the fullest. Feel the Sun, the source of life on your skin, smell of the breeze, look above and notice top of the buildings. Look at the sky. Prick up your ears so you can catch local language and music. Be absolutely present, take a deep breath and absorb all those sensations. And now that richness is inside you forever.



Unique experience, new energy, wider perspectives, inner peace… That feeling can keep us in an excellent shape for quite some time. And if you can afford to travel frequently, do it. Not only it brings a joy, it gives you strength for the future times and life challenges.

There’s no place like home, but there’s also no doubt that travelling is Like a Therapy!

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