In general, we can say that every music genre is unique. But truth to be told, there are some that are similar and musicians combine them in their opuses. On the other hand, jazz seems like it stands on its own. Different, specific. People usually love it or don’t listen to it at all. Ok, and there are some in between. I was one of those. Let me share a short story how I got to know jazz better.

When I started one job years ago, I shared an office with my boss, a very cool and friendly man. He was supportive and sure that we won’t have big problems while I learn my part of work. So we didn’t talk much about it on my first day, but he said: I have one important question to ask you. Many thoughts ran through my head, what can it be? And then he asked this question: Is it going to be a problem for you to listen to jazz all the time while you’re at the office? I smiled, because I surely didn’t see that coming, and sincerely answered: no. And as the time passed by, I realized how jazz gets under your skin. Whether the rhythm is slow or fast, the melody sounds bright or sad, somehow the sound of jazz adapts to you, or you adapt to it. Jazz is like a good friend who knows how you feel and when it’s supposed to cheer you up or just leave you alone and heal you with its gentle sound.

 jazz like a therapy


In what ways can we ‘consume’ jazz when we want to relax, distance ourselves from everyday stress and rush?

Let’s invite friends for dinner! But don’t wait for them to let the music play. Choose your favorite jazz playlist and start to prepare food. Right, a home-made food can make much more sense for this event than to just order something. Because this evening is going to be composed of many joyful moments that you can’t afford every day. So now, good jazz vibes start to mix with toothsome smells coming from your kitchen. You feel jolly up and when the time comes to serve food and make an atmosphere, you express all your creativeness. Turn off excess light and light candles instead. Friends are here! It’s time to make a toast with a bottle of good wine. A toast to… This moment! And as the evening passes, everyone gets more relaxed. There’s talking, laughing, dancing… Suddenly, your home looks like a real jazz bar. Somewhere in New York, you can feel that atmosphere, semi-dark and smoky, with live music. Sounds of trumpets and sax make you swing slowly and forget about all your worries! That emotion is one of a kind. That is the secret of jazz.

 jazz music like a therapy


Yes, jazz is a real treasure that you get for free, so enjoy the benefits of it and fulfill your life. If you are a ‘jazz beginner’ and need some guidelines… you can always start with legends such as Miles Davis, Nina Simone… And then continue to explore. Because there is the right beat for each one of us, the beat that will suit your emotions and personality.

jazz saxophone music like a therapy

Enjoy your jazz time! Enjoy your LAT time!

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