The ringing of your laughter it sounds like a melody…

Do you remember this hit from the ‘80s?

How about, the sounds of the music they feel LIKE A THERAPY? Do you agree?

Because music is inseparable from our being. Listening, singing, dancing… All of that. And there are those lucky ones with the talent to create music. Well, that is a special kind of pleasure.

Is music part of your everyday life? Whether we just click on some playlist and leave those sounds in the background while we work, or we intentionally choose a song, music will play its healing roll. And that’s why you can have many different LAT moments brought by melody, rhythm and lyrics. It just depends on your daily schedule and routine.



If sport is one of your favorite recreations, there’s probably music there too.

Many people jog with their headphones on, because music is a great company. It helps you stay focused and in rhythm. And it can take your mind to wonderful places while you run. Especially if you have found some cool environment for your recreational activity. A beautiful view, positive energy in the air around you and your favorite sounds. This is the great anti-stress formula and the true LAT moment.

People who practice yoga and meditation are very familiar with importance of music. Again, it helps you concentrate and release unnecessary thoughts. There’s just you, your body and mind that work as one, and of course – music. But it happens sometimes that stress is just so overwhelming and we can’t make ourselves start with our yoga and meditation routine, although we know it’ll help us feel better at the end. And that’s why there is the famous quote that says: You should sit in meditation for 20 minutes a day. Unless you're too busy, then you should sit for an hour. It will pay off, just stay determined. And as a reward, you’ll get your Like a Therapy experience.



Benefits of dance are well-known and there’s no need for deeper analysis. It had its roll from the existence of first civilizations. Today, it is official part of some types of psychotherapy. But now, let’s pay special attention on something we can call Behind the closed doors.

dancing music like a therapy mindfulness selfcare stress-free

We can do it anytime, but it’s probably needed the most when we feel lost, or like we’re carrying a great burden on our shoulders. Find the time to be alone, not distracted by anyone. Play a song that lifts you up and – just dance. Like no one’s watching because no one is watching. Don’t control your moves, let the music leads your body. This can be very important and useful for those who don’t think of themselves as much of dancers. So what? Everyone can dance, this is not a competition, this is your moment, your LAT moment! Try it and enjoy it!



Yes, we are talking about cooking. And yes, music is that secret ingredient. If cooking is your passion and the kitchen is your favorite place, music can be a sous-chef de cuisine.

cooking singing dancing happiness selfcare enjoying life like a therapy

The second in command after the chef, that is, you. There is a lot of space for showing your creativity when you prepare food. And music will be your creativity booster. But not just that. It makes that whole cooking experience even more fun and lifts your mood. There you are, chopping garlic and singing “…just the way you smell tonight”, your version of Sinatra’s classic The Way You Look Tonight. Then you turn on your heels, make a few dance steps and drop that garlic into a frying pan. Having fun? Great! But there is also something serious in this story. A serious master piece. The dish you made when you combined two arts – cooking and music. And hopefully, a serious LAT feeling.



So, we’ve moved from the kitchen to… the bathroom. A place where we can dedicate time to our self-care, completely relax and of course – sing in the shower!

Singing shower enjoyment mindfulness selfcare like a therapy

Why do many people do this? There are even some scientific explanations. But, do they really matter, the simplest answer is: because it feels so good. We usually do it when we are in the good mood and we choose light and happy tunes. So we should do it whenever we can, and be absolutely present in the moment because it will feel like a therapy… because it’s one the fastest ways to re-energize your body and soul.

Enjoy your shower and sing, sing, sing…



No matter what is your favorite music genre, no matter when you listen to it, or play it, dance to it… Music is the X factor in our lives. It is there for us when we are sad, happy, lonely, at the top of our game… It will comfort us, elevate our happiness, move us and inspire! It will keep us in the moment and make that moment magical and unforgettable!


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