Ladies and gents, please, let’s give a standing ovation to the genius who invented coffee!

That is, if we know who it is. Because, it surely wasn’t one person, it was a whole process. However, all of us coffee lovers are grateful for this drink. Still, let’s explore the history and learn something about it


Interesting stories, some of them probably myths, but we’ll try to stick to the facts. Historians agree that coffee comes from Ethiopia. And it probably took many centuries before it crossed the borders of this African country. That was in the 15th century, and before that, Ethiopians used it in many ways. It was a food ingredient, the component of wine… But what was important and in common for all those things, coffee had been seen as something nutritive, something that gives man a strength. The same thing as today – we use it to lift us up!


So, around the 15th century the word about coffee started to spread east, and when the first beans of coffee reached the Arabic peninsula, the new history had begun to be written. Persia, Turkey, Egypt were some of the countries that accepted this new, miracle product and started to cultivate it. Again, we have a parallel with today. Yes, we mean cafes, pubs. Because back then people also enjoyed having this drink in public coffee houses and coffee had its roll in socializing. Conversations, playing chess, commenting life in the street… doing all that with a cup of coffee beside them.

coffee beans

Europe met coffee in the 17th century and North America in the 18th.

Today it is spread all over the world, grown in many parts of it, produced in many kinds of way. And all that with one goal – our pleasure!


Ok, you get it, this is at the time of writing. Of course our dear drinkable friend has been with us the whole time. But, since we’ve already mentioned writing, let’s check those moments we spend by PC or with a laptop.

When you prepare yourself for some hard work that’ll take hours maybe, you also prepare a big cup of coffee. Especially if you like your work, that turns into a real joy. Somehow, coffee tastes better than usual. And although sometimes it can be frustrating, you finish one part of your work, later you see you have to change it completely… But in the end, when everything is done, we feel so good because we created something. Just sitting in our chair, looking at the monitor in front of us, smiling… And still feeling that lovely taste in our mouth.  

Yes, there’s definitely something interesting about it. Because we talk about work, but at the same time it has the tools for therapy.


coffee time

First coffee in the morning! And what makes it different from the others, besides it helps us come to our senses, is that first one always tastes perfectly. It never fails. When we have enough time, the ritual of preparing is quite a pleasure. Whether you drink regular black coffee, with or without milk, or instant, or you possess your own espresso machine in your kitchen… there are several steps and we can truly enjoy them.

Many people have their favorite mug for morning coffee. To some, it may sound silly and irrelevant. But, the praxis says otherwise. It is a small, but important pleasure. Small, medium, big cup… Even its handle can make difference, because the way we hold it and feel it in our hand relaxes us.

There are so many ways, or let’s say scenarios, we drink our first coffee. Alone, in company, in favorite armchair, taking it with us while we do stuff around the house…

Whatever of these scenarios you find yourself in, choose it to be your LAT period of the day.


Some of us can linger over coffee for whole hour. And we save precious, last sips for 10, 15 minutes before we leave the house and start our day. In that time, we work on our looks. So, we take our mug to the bathroom. And there and then, it starts a real like a therapy treatment. You’re alone and focused on yourself. Not in a rush. Standing in front of the mirror and putting your make up on. Like an artist with his brush. Then you comb your hair and smile at yourself in the mirror, satisfied with your look. Just feel that moment! Because it’s perfect and there’s nothing else there.

Except, maybe… But don’t worry, it’s a plus. If you also took your phone with you and you hear a text message sound… And you know who it is from. Your boyfriend wishes you good morning. Oh, that feeling that you’re on someone’s mind all the time – priceless. A big smile just spreads over your face in a second. Inhale and grab that energy! It can stay with you for all day and attract only good things.


Honestly, how many of us can handle long working hours without a coffee break? There are places that lunch and coffee pauses are strictly scheduled. But if that isn’t the case, then we can have experience that’s more fun.

coffee break

For example, you have a deadline, and there are a few colleagues with you. You’re in the rush like it’s a matter of life and death. And then, suddenly, someone remembers: Guys, I need coffee! You stop for a second and everyone realize that they need it to. And that it is absolutely OK to take a break. In a moment, the energy in the office changes. You’re all cheered up. Like someone throw you a lifebelt. That kind of break we really enjoy, the pressure starts to release by itself. That is also a LAT story.


As we mentioned before, coffee is a part of social life. Even if don’t drink it. How? Well, when you want to see someone again, you’ll say: Let’s have coffee sometime! It’s so easy, and the message is sent.

coffee with friends

But when you regularly arrange to meet with your friends for a coffee, you know you made a reservation for a LAT part of the day. Everything there gives you what you need. Good, stress-free time. Chatting with your favorite people, confiding, laughing, comforting… Letting it all out! It’s incredible how couple of hours with the right people can reenergize us. So, although our lives can be very busy, we have to try to keep that tradition. We have to find the time.


But let this be enough for this time. Yes, there are so many types of our favorite drink, many ways to serve it, incredible sets, like some you can find in antique stores.

Right now, we just tried to remind you of moments and occasions you can always use to help yourself feel better. To enjoy the moment in time.

Some things may seem small, but that doesn’t say anything about their importance. So, remember that. And stick to small pleasures!

drinking coffee

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