Both autumn and spring can be seen as new beginnings. And they in deed are, each in its own way. Although there’s no competition, maybe autumn has slightly richer offers. However, the point is that this season is a true blessing for us.

So, let’s prepare for a new start and be aware of all the autumn’s gifts we can use as a therapy.


During summer, we usually spread apart. Vacations, travels… Freedom. Very important feeling for a human being. But, where is Yin, there is also Yang. As much as we need and enjoy solitude and freedom, in same measure we’re created to seek for a feeling that we belong somewhere. That we are part of society and nature, and have someone to support us.

And that feeling coincides with autumn. Back to school, back to work, trainings, again with “your people”. You have same missions and always someone to talk to about that. If we dig these usual things a little deeper, we’ll find love actually. And love equals happiness.

Great! Charge your batteries! But not any type.

Use LAT BATTERIES, invented for our hearts, souls and minds. 


Remember when we mentioned richness? Well, here it is.

autumn colors late sun

  • Colors and smells of leaves and flowers. They’re simply impeccable, flawless. Just observe them, inhale. No need for plans. You can stop anywhere, anytime and let them cuddle you. Something is taking care of you without asking for anything in return. Sounds like something mothers do. It’s just Mother Nature this time.
  • Flavors of fruit and vegetables we pick during the fall.

Put on some comfy shoes, bring a few shopping bags and take a nice walk to the market place. Your ‘therapy session’ has started the moment you left your home. And when you get to the market, forget about everything else. From one market stand to another. Touching, smelling all those wonderful products. Chatting friendly with people who work hard but don’t complain. On the contrary, they are so welcoming and warm-hearted.

autumn vegetables fruits market

So when you bought everything you needed, and probably something you didn’t but you couldn’t resist, you leave this place and wonder: What is more full, my bags or my heart?

  • Air. It’s different in every season. And always has some particular magic. It’s nice we have calendars, but we can tell when autumn starts by ourselves. It is that one day, just one specific day when we go out and feel different scent of air. You are absolutely overcome with that moment, and a kind of numbed for a second. But it feels so good! Then you start becoming aware of those overwhelming emotions. A whole mixture of it. Happiness, nostalgia, enthusiasm, melancholy…

It may sound like a shock when we put it this way. But sometimes shocks are like a therapy. (Of course, we don’t refer to electroshocks, God forbid!) It is about that day’s experience, after which you will surely feel good. Again, underneath it all is – love. Love that you feel for yourself, for others, for life.


The three things above-mentioned are interconnected with our senses. So, when the going gets tough, call your senses to the rescue!

Glance at some pretty sight, take a deep breath of purified air, take off your jacket, stay in your shirt and let your body feel a little chillness.



While some people don’t fancy these days that much, there are others who truly enjoy them. 

Getting caught out in the rain, for example, is not the same experience for everyone.

There are people who start panicking. I remember one time, a light rain began to fall, and I was in a rush to pull out my umbrella from the bag. Then I saw a friend of mine walking towards me. He was walking slowly and leisurely, with hands in his pockets. Seeming confused, I asked him: Aren’t you worried you’ll get wet? He just smiled and answered: I’m not made of a sugar. That was the first time I heard that expression. Expression that made quite an impression at me. Since then I always remember that words in these situations and I smile.

On the other hand, there are those who are delighted about this situation. And that is an excellent LAT moment, because we get in touch with our inner child. The thing we should actually practice oftentimes.

just the two of us on the rain with umbrella

And then, there are walks in the rain we choose to take. Because we find them very calming. Yes, this activity can really make us feel recovered to a great extent. Especially if you walk alone, slowly, not overthinking. Again, there’s that unique smell of air. Just wonderful. It cleans your lungs and your thoughts and follow you all the way, like a good friend. All these things together make you feel tranquil and carefree. It’s precious! How often do we have an opportunity in everyday life to feel carefree?

Definitely, a walk in the rain is a master in the discipline we call self-help!



AND THERE IS ‘I can’t go out for a drink with you, my bed begs me to stay in it all day’ COZY.

autumn rain cozy stay at home

Weekends. No work, and in the best-case scenario - no other obligations. After exhausting working days, we absolutely deserve some hedonism and self-indulgence.

You’re tucked away in your favorite chair, wearing your favorite roomy clothes, reading a book. Total relaxation!

You wake up and look through the window. No sun, just rain and wind. Ha! I dare you not to be lazy on a day like this!

So, what do you prefer?

Staying in pajamas for the rest of the day? Great!

Having a movie marathon and eating junk food? Also great!

cozy autumn stay at home have a tea and cookies

And there are more things, the choice is all yours.



Children, of course! Oh, they truly know to enjoy autumn.

children on the rain laughing in yellow raincoats

How adorable it is to watch them in their yellow rubber boots jumping in puddles and laughing. Or running through bunch of fall leaves on the ground. Seeing them so happy, there’s no way you won’t get in a good mood.



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